Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all of your questions

What Secondary and High School curriculum’s assistance Smart E Academia provide?

We provide assistance for IB, CIE, AQA, EDEXCEL, SABIS and American curriculums for all subjects.

Does Smart E Academia provide assistance for admission tests?

Yes we provide assistance for SAT, ACT, PAT, NTS, GRE and CTMUA. This helps securing admissions all over the world, including UK, USA and Canada.

Does Smart E Academia provide assistance for UCAS, OUAC and Common App applications?

Yes we provide individual assistance for UCAS, OUAC and Common App applications to secure admissions at the undergraduate level of studies.

Does Smart E Academia provide assistance for Undergraduate subjects?

Yes we have MS and PHD faculty that can help undergraduate students to tackle with the difficulties of various courses which include Business, Engineering, Economics and Sciences courses.

What is the mode of teaching at Smart E Academia?

We provide online one-on- one online assistance to out students. The mode of communication is Skype for voice and video and Awwap board and Ziteboard for written collaboration.

What happens if the Skype is blocked in my country?

We provide free VPN logins for countries where skype doesn’t work. We use paid expressVPN which is completely safe.

How can teachers view students’ written work?

We recommend students to use Apple pencil along with their IPADs, any wacom tablet for writing and drawing or any other digital pencils available that can be used for digital writing. The whiteboard platforms like Awwap board or Ziteboard provides a two way collaboration where both student and teachers and collaborate and student’s work can be accessed in the run time.

Do Smart E Academia provide assistance for Internal Assessments (IA), Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) for IB?

Yes we have experienced staff that provides assistance for mandatory Internal Assessments (IA) for all Standard Level and Higher Level Subjects. Moreover, we have a very collaborative and experienced EE and TOK team which can guide and help IBDP students to score high bonus points.

Where can I see the lecture notes and resources?

There are two types of resources available for students. One that is available to everyone, is shared on Smart E Academia’s website and can be assessed by everyone on Google Drive. For student’s taking classes at Smart E Academia separate individual lecture notes and resources are shared with the student using the Google Drive and Dropbox.