“EDUCATION is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the WORLD"

Nelson Mandela

I have seen numerous students wanting to achieve high grades to get to a certain university or position. Is grades the ultimate criteria? Do grades build one’s character? Knowledge or wisdom, degree or character, there is a colossal contrast in people’s thinking which leads to a disturbed society. For me education not only plays a role in an individual’s life but it takes dynamic part in building a virtuous society. The world is a global village. We are connected in diverse ways with each other. The entanglement is stronger than ever. Smart E Academia provides a platform for international students to come forward on a conjoint platform to gain knowledge and share their cultural values. So we can build a global society that can lead to a better world. We at Smart E Academia believe in providing knowledge and supervising students to their career path with the help of proficient and well trained team. Online Education is the requisite to modern era.



CEO Smart E Academia

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Our Mission

The Mission of Smart E Academia is to provide affordable, accessible, effective learning opportunities to students and engineering graduates of all curriculums without any time, geographic or cultural constraints.

Our Vision

The Vision of Smart E Academia is to ascertain itself as a pioneer educational sector by establishing a chain of institutions throughout the world providing cultural collaboration. 

Why choose us

The top reasons for you to join us
One to One Assistance
We believe every student is unique and hence we adopt unique one to one teaching strategies which are tailored based on the individual student requirements. This has been highly productive and result oriented.
Online Learning
Adopting the unique up to-date and effective online teaching methodologies, help the student to learn from anywhere. Be it vacations or travelling you are always connected to your teachers. This helps provide 24/7 communication and strong student-teacher bond resulting in high efficiency.
Personal involvement
We provide personal involvement into the student academic progress. We assist in attending the parent’s meetings, academic integration and complete follow up on the student’s academics. Our staff fly all over the world for student support if he/she needs personal assistance for exam preparation. This is also true for university applications such as UCAS(UK), Commonapp(US) and OUAC (Canada). This is our major USP.
24/7 Service
The student is in 24 hour contact with the teacher. Anytime, anywhere we are just a phone call, message or email away. Flexibility for the students and availability to the students is our motto and this has made us one of the most convenient online education services providers. We believe in high quality student/parent service and support.

our great faculties

Qualified staffs of our academia

Najam Ul Haq

PHD Scholar, MS Physics, BE Electrical Engineering
Mr Najam is an engineer, a Physicist, a PHD Scholar  and an educationist. He is the founder and CEO of Smart E Academia. He ...
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Unaiza Irshad

MBA (Finance)
Unaiza Irshad Is a Business Graduate from United Arab Emirates. She is very enthusiastic and diverse in her methodologies. Currently she is taking care ...
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IB Certified MYP Teacher
Jessica is an IB certified Teacher from Australia. She provides technical support relating to IB like rubric training form new staff. She also takes ...
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Brian Lim

MS Computer Sciences
Brian Lim is a Computer Science Graduate from United Kingdom. He is looking into computer sciences department providing coding and computer support.
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Mehak Salman

BE Mechanical Engineering
Mehak Salman is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from United Kingdom. She is looking into engineering subjects like dynamics, statics etc
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Ronak Devraj

BE Civil Engineering
Ranak Devraj is a civil engineer from the United Arab Emirates. He is looking into different engineering subjects like Mechanics of Materials. Dynamics, Materials. ...
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